The Fifth Set

This new set is a response to the Zohar.  The Zohar is over 1000 pages written in Hebrew and Aramaic, challenging to read even in English.  It also is commentary on Torah, but from a deep spiritual base.  It is the primary source of Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism.  Those steeped in its density believe it was revealed to Moses and passed on orally till the second century when Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai wrote it down.  Scholars debate that, but do agree that Rabbi Moses de Leon with others did write down a version in the 13th-century in Spain. As mentioned in the first set of these images, the basic concepts of the Tree of Life and the cosmology of the sephirot, the 10 attributes, expressions or modes of Hashem’s relationship to us – all these are discussed.  These aspects are the template for our physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual being.  These pictures are my reactions and inspirations from the words of this ancient text.