This is a well-known midrash about Abraham.  His father Terah was a maker of idols.  Abraham realized that there is only one Creator.  He wanted to convince others of this truth. And convince his father.  So, he destroyed all the idols and put an axe in the hands of one remaining. His father accused Abraham of smashing the idols, but he said it was all done by that standing idol holding the axe.  His father said that was ridiculous.  “These are just creations of wood and stone.”  “Exactly!” Nimrod, who was a despotic ruler, also challenged Abraham’s belief.  He said that Abraham should worship fire, but Abraham said water (rain in this drawing) puts out fire, so Nimrod said worship rain, but Abraham said that comes from clouds, then worship clouds, said Nimrod. Abraham said the clouds are blown away by the wind and who controls the wind?