Noah and his wife Na’amah day and night cared for the animals on board the ark.  They set an example for us to care for all sentient beings.  In the foreground is the phoenix which when Noah approached, sometimes bleeding from his mouth from exhaustion, the bird spoke to Noah saying: “You are so busy, do not bother with me.”  And Noah replied: “May it be the will of Hashem that you never die.” So, the phoenix is always reborn. The second of the three floors was where the animals were kept and in this drawing you see some present animals that are facing extinction – rhinos, gorillas, orangutans, Asian elephants and one of many birds.  The kosher animals were brought in as seven pairs rather than two like the sheep here who were never attacked on board for the year by their former predators like tigers. The blood on Noah’s leg though was from a lion who had not been fed in time, and Noah limped from then on. (All the way on the left is a dinosaur which from those who didn’t believe in evolution thought were also on the ark!) As to surviving botany from the flood, some say that Na’amah took care of seeds and plants.  The third floor was the quarters of Noah’s family, his three sons, their wives and children. The bottom floor for refuse.