The seven Aliyahs of Beresheit

top right – Rishon is the creation story

top left  – Sheni is Hashem breathing life into Adam, the second creation of humans story, with the waters running out of Gan Eden.

top center – Shelishi is the emergence of Eve and the “snake’s” temptation of both Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge. 

This led us to the beginnings of opposites. Dualities which has led to our separating ourselves from the oneness.

bottom right – Revi’I is Cain killing his brother Abel and an angel blocking entrance into Gan Eden.  Jealousy and murder are early human actions, so it says.

bottom left – Chamishi are the descendants of Lamech a descendant of Cain and his children by two wives including the maker of tents and cattle farming,  and Jubal the maker of musical instruments, and Tubal-Cain the maker of weapons, and the story of another murder this by Lamech, and the birth by Eve of Seth.

bottom center – Shishi is the following generations with one worshiping the stars not Hashem and one truly enlightened being Enoch floating from life through death.

center center – Sehvi’i tracks the generations, some violent, leading to Noah who was a tiller of the land. The tall grey dude is a Nefilim described as giants at the time.